2010 Camaro Cam-Converter Install
2010 Camaro we installed a Afm -2 Cam and a 2400 vigilante converter and a dyno tune.

1953 Dodge 572 bbc
Built 572 bbc dynoed and tuned.

Cahllenger02 .jpg
2010 Challenger black Magnacharger Install
2010 5.7 Challenger Hurst edition magnacharger install and a custom tune.

1990 Mustang 14psi turbo
We installed an hp intercooled turbo kit on a stock 302 motor and made 455hp and 500ft of torque on pump gas at the wheels on 14psi.

2006 Jeep SRT8- header install
This is a 10 hour job.

2011-Camaro SS-header install
Kooks headers long tube, hi flow cats,borla cat back and a custom in house tune.L99 motor-dyno tuned.

2000 Chevy 1500hp turbo
This truck pegged the dyno!Owner:Tom Ferrick
Capable of faster times still
in progress.
1500hp at the wheels at 20psi!
7.23 in the 1/4 mile.At 190mph. Sbc 377.
Car weighs 3030...

2000 Camaro Heads-Cam
Comp cam with AFR heads and Cometic head gaskets and a custom dyno tune.

2010 Camaro LS3 heads Conversion
2010 Camaro L99 WITH LS3 heads Converted and ls7 lifters with Fast intake and Nick williams 102mm throttle body and a custom dyno tune.

1967 Oliver 572 BBC Farm tractor
1967 Oliver Tractor 572bbc 720hp build.

2002 Pontiac Trans am
In house dyno tuned.

2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Sc Header upgrade
3.8 supercharged with a 3.4 pulley and in house dyno tuned with Hp Tuners.SLP Headers, and cat back exhaust and a shift kit.

2007 Mustang Sema Car show winner!
2007 Sema Car Show raffle ticket winner KEYSTONE PARTS from K/G Speed at Broomall.
In house dyno tuned with a conservative diablo tune at 9psi VORTECH SUPERCHARGER...

1986 Buick T type Turbo Upgrade
T-60 turbonetics turbo,42lb injectors and in house custom dyno chip.
Stock motor 14psi on 93 octane
300hp at the wheels.

1990 Mustang LX Paxton Novi 1000
347 Stroker 7psi paxton novi 1000,42lb injectors 8 to 1 compression,400hp at the wheels.In house Sniper chip dyno tune.

1991 Syclone 20psi Turbo truck
3750lbs 277cid 20psi turbo.
Dyno tuned by Harry Anderson.

1995 Mustang twin clutch upgrade
Dynoed and a Zoom double clutch installation.

1986 Mustang Turbo dyno tune
Dynoed 650hp at the wheels at 10psi.
Tuned by Harry Anderson on our mustang dyno.

2000 Chevy 454 Paxton supercharged
454 motor,headers installed flowmaster exhaust,MSD box,Paxton 6psi, and in house HP tuners dyno tune.

2008 Shelby Gt-Roush Supercharger
Roush supercharger install and dyno tune.

2005 Chevy truck cams and tune
6.0 liter motor,Comp cams 54-452-11 with springs, roller rockers and pushrods, 456 gears and an in House Hp Tuners dyno tune and 75hp nitrous shot.

2006 JeepSRT8 Cam swap
Little Boy cam swap. And a diablo custom tune.

.[ez_upload]350z (16).JPG
2004 350Z APS-Twin turbo install.
We installed a twin turbo APS-12psi for 91 octane.The kit is intercooled with complete fuel system oil pan and intercooler with a high flow cat back stainless exhaust and a...

2000 Nissan 200SX-Engine build
2.4 Liter nissan 200sx-SR20DET engine build for a turbo.Crower rods,wisesco pistons, block gaurd,hi volume oil pump,Jim wolf balance shaft delete kit.

2007CHARGERSRT8 009.jpg
2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 Motor swap
Engine upgrade 6.1 Hemi.

1974 Pantera 351C stroked to 408
351 cleveland stroked to 408 tuned in house with Holley Efi 950 Commander
32lb injectors.Thermal coated
pistons all forged internals with australian heads.Dynoed at 420hp at 9 to 1 compression....

1986 Thunderbird Supercharged upgrade
3.8 supercharged 14psi and in house custom dyno Sniper chip.
Bigger supercharger upgraded and 42lb injectors and in tank fuel pump.

1990 Mustang with a vortech
302 ford racing crate motor.
24lb injectors,10lb pulley. No Fmu.a Custom in house Sniper Chip,400hp at the wheels.

1966 Coronet 440 build
1966 Dodge coronet 440 engine swap from 318 to 440 and 727 trans built complete suspension and 373 gears dual quad edelbrock carbs.

2004 Mazda Speed Turbo Upgarde
2004 Mazda speed Begi turbo upgrade 14psi and custom tune.
Gears and lowered suspension.

2008 Challenger SRT8-Supercharged
On August of 2008 we had a brand new challenger SRT8 delivered at our shop and we installed a vortech supercharger water to air intercooled 5psi and 52lb injectors,2 bar map sensor and we loaded a...

07 trubo MUSTANG.JPG
2007 Mustang GT- C/S Turbocharged
8psi Hp turbo kit intercooled.
39lb injectors Gt 40 fuel pump and a custom in house sniper tune.

1992 Corvette with a Paxton
350 LT1 paxton supercharged
with an MSD opti spark and a custom chip and roller timing chain.And in house dyno tuned at 6psi pump fuel.

1995 Mustang Powerdyne Blower
302 sbf with a powerdyne 8psi supercharger and a 75 shot of nitrous.
And an in house Shiper chip dyno tune.

87 MONTE 001.jpg
86 Monte SS Procharger Blowthrough
Custom built and tuned 355sbc
with a procharger blowthrough
carb 10psi on 93oct and built 200r4 trans 2500stall and we installed a GN rear.